Tucson Super Show 6.11.2000
Tucson Convention Center

After riding through the blazing Southwest desert, the crew was relieved when we reached the city of Tucson, Arizona. A cultural oasis filled with Raza and packed with people ready to party! It felt just like home. We sought refuge from the burning Sun in the coolness of the air-conditioned convention center. Once inside, we enjoyed all the sights (low-lows, sideshows and fine girls), there was plenty of all three.

Arizona car-clubs displayed only top-of-the-line vehicles. We were impressed with their variety. They had a little bit of everything: imports, S.U.V.s, luxuries and of course, O.G. lowriders.

The temperature outside was only exceeded by the heat generated on stage. Especially noticeable was the energy a local hip-hop dance group called JAMZ had when they performed. MAFIOSOS and from East Los Angeles mesmerized the crowd with hardcore lyrics flipped in English and Spanish. Welcome to the hip-hop of the new millennium! BROWN TOWN LOOTERS also from the Eastside of Los Angeles came with some to match the desert. LOWPROFILE RECORDS were also out in full force. We enjoyed performances from PROPER DOS, MR. SANCHO, ROYAL-T and LIL ROB.

Most memorable was the warmness with which the Tuscon natives received us. We met cool homies and a lot of ladies. Que Raza tan Linda! No doubt about it - Tucson is Hot can�t wait until the Phoenix Super Show.

   Tucson Super Show

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