History of Latin Rap

Latinos have been involved with the popularity of rap from the start. Artists such as Prince Whipper Whip (Puerto Rican) were there from the birth of hip hop. It would be hard to pin point the very first Latin rap artist.

Latin rap became main stream in 1988. Two artists one by the name of Mellow Man Ace (Cuban), the other Kid Frost (Mexican) kicked in the door so to speak for other Latin rap artist. Mellow Man Ace released a song called "Mentirosa" (Capitol Records). "Mentirosa" (Spanish for someone who lies) and was an instant hit. It topped the dance charts while holding its own on the pop charts (Top 20); it sold over 800,000 records. While Mellow was just breaking the ice, came Kid Frost with another chart buster called "La Raza" (Spanish for "The Race"). "La Raza" was a very respected song by Latinos as well as blacks. These two songs opened the door for all Latin rap artists, such as Lighter Shade of Brown, Latin Alliance, Cypress Hill, Delinquent Habits, Funky Aztecs, and myself A.L.T.

Latin rap continues to grow everywhere. Artists like Frost, Mellow, and producers like Tony G. made it possible to be Latin and successful in the music business. So keep rapping, producing, and especially listening. Remember as long as we support each other we will never fall.

Written by A.L.T.

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