Group members:
  • Malo
  • Seis el Alacran aka Shady
  • R-sinal
  • Sacred

How did the group Mafioso come about?

Malo: Last year I left Brown Town Looters, I been working with them since 1992. I took a year vacation from the industry. I knew Shady since 1992 we used to tagged it up together. We went on to create Mafiosos once I hooked up with Shady, Sacred and R-Sinal.

Shady: We were in another group before too called Lethal Minded, we all use to freestyle together. Now we have the skills in English and Spanish. We still tearing shit up.

How is Mafiosos different from the music you were doing in the early Nineties?

Shady: More underground hip-hop, straight raw hard beats.

R-Sinal: Hard lyrics with raw beats with some evil stuff. We bringing it to their face. We are still hip-hop, people are going to trip on it.

What part of Los Angeles are you guys from?

Sacred: I'm from Lynnwood, I started hanging out with R-Sinal freestyling. He hooked me up with Shady and then Malo.

Malo: The rest of us are from the Boyle Heights/ East Los Angeles area.

Is it harder for Latinos to break into the industry?

R-Sinal: It's hard for everybody, right now it's a little easier for Latinos.

Shady: If you have skills and the talent it doesn't matter if you are brown, black, white, or Asian you can make it. You just need your foot in the door and people behind you.

Malo: We are putting it down for the Mexicanos, straight out!

What makes a dope MC?

R-Sinal: If they sound different with a different style, the way he flows and his flows cuts up the beats.

Shady: You can listen to a beat or instrumental, then hear a mc that when he starts flowing and flowing he changes up the tempo of the beat. The beat changes with the rapper. That's a dope mc with good hard lyrics! If you have skills you'll be changing up beats.

You guys flip it in Spanish, are people ready for the Mafiosos?

Shady: I give credit to Control Machete and Sinful from the Mexakins for flipping it dope in Spanish.

Malo: Much love to Control Machete. I can honestly put Shady and R-Sinal right up with them when it comes to flowing in Spanish, their lyrics are raw and powerful.

Is the Latin Hip-Hop market next to blow up?

Malo: If it flips we are on time and on point.

Shady: Everyone is coming up, but we are coming out for the hardcore hip-hop heads. Everything we did in Spanish is like a blow to your face, telling you to Wake Up! Mafiosos are here and we are going to put it down that's the way we feel about it!

This group was assembled in the East L.A./Boyle Heights area. What the Mafiosos are trying to do is communicate & express the life style that many people here in the streets of Los Angeles live. Their music will be new to many, creating a distinct style you can't compare to any before them in the world of hip-hop . Mixing skilled writers & producers in two different languages (Spanish & English). Attracting four different types of individuals, first those who enjoy hearing raw lyrics in Spanish, second those who embrace skilled hard lyrics in English, third those who go all out to hear both languages in one mix and finally those who love hard slamming beats. Malo who comes with the spanglish (Spanish & English slang) was brought up in Boyle Heights. R-sinal who comes at you form two angles with Spanish & English was raised in East L.A. Sacred delivering lyrics in English came up in Lynwood. Seis el Alacran mastering & flowing in Spanish was born & raised in East L.A. make no mistake MAFIOSO will soon be known through out the world of hip-hop....

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