SlowPain started his rap career in 1992. He was part of a group name Street Mentality. The group consisted of three members SlowPain, LiL-V(Rest In Peace), and Bandit. They made a demo tape and started to shop it. Street Mentality would go to every show that Lighter Shade of Brown would perform at, and would demand to open for them. This caught the attention of L.S.O.B manager Cliff Richey. Cliff put them back in the studio; they put some new songs together and were signed by BMG shortly after. The record was semi-successful and should have done better but the lack of label support hurt them.

Street Mentality went on a US tour in 1993 with Lighter Shade of Brown and A.L.T. and the Lost Civilization. Here SlowPain hooked up with A.L.T., who was in need of a rapper for his show. The tour ended and SlowPain began to tour with his new partner.

A.L.T. and SlowPain did a song together called Coupe de Ville. It was so good they decided to make a Latin super group, and get Frost in on the project. The groups name was Three Deep, and was just about to be signed by Ruthless Records when Eazy-E passed away(RIP). The passing of Eazy was hard on the three Latin rap artist, not only emotionally, but it also made a deal with Ruthless Records almost impossible.

SlowPain and A.L.T. decided to be solo acts again, and SlowPain went on to sign with Thump Records. He recorded the album and the first single was very successful it was called Money Maid. The song was played by many radio stations across the nation, and was even #1 at Power 106 in Los Angeles for several weeks.

SlowPain is currently working with Too Short. And also doing a group project with Frost, Mellow Man Ace, and Blvd. Knights (A.L.T. and O.G.enius). This project is masterminded by Ruthless Records co-founder Jerry Heller. The name of the group is undecided but will be a product of G-Spot Studio and produced by Tony-G, Julio-G, Fredwreck, and Klev so keep an eye out for it!

SlowPain and us at Digital Aztlan would like to dedicate this page in memory of LiL-V, who was tragically killed in a senseless shooting in 1995.

"Rap is like the dope game it all starts on the street level, Keep it real!" SlowPain

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