ILL-FAME: Dirty Six(left), R-Sinal (middle), and Sacred(right).

How did you guys evolve from Lethal Minded in the earlier 90's to Ill-Fame?

Lethal Minded was and is ILL-FAME but with more experience in this "RAP GAME", to tell you the truth L.M. was just a stage where we experimented with our styles to get it how we have it now with "ILL-FAME". Give us a background on the group's history.

Me (Dirty Six) started flowing in house parties in East Los Angeles way back, around the same time some where in another house party was R-sinal trying to rock to, me and him ended up hooking up back in mid 92'. We met up with Sacred after me & R-sinal were already trying to step in this shit for about 2 or 3 yrs. LETHAL MINDED was then formed which eventually became ILL-FAME.

What type of vibe is ILL-FAME on?

ILL-FAME has this crazy vibe, the kind of shit that gives you chills when you hear the raw beat kick in know what I mean. It's kind of on a war mixed with dark and evil shit, plus on some subliminal mind tripping shit.

Where are you guys from and how did you guys hook up?

It's like I said me (Dirty Six) & R-sinal met after people heard us flowing in house parties in EAST LOS where we're from, Sacred is from up in Lynwood where he was trying to put it down.

You and R-Sinal play off each other well, how did you guys develop that chemistry?

This chemistry is something that just happen over the years, I mean we know each other so well that we practically know what we're both going to flow on a song before we even hear our shit, that's what were barely developing with Sacred. I've been around R-sinal longer than I have with Sacred and I guess that's what makes us understand ourselves more.

Let us know some of the concepts that Ill-fame has been working on in the studio?

Not to be a dick but I would rather not throw any ideas out there cause of bad experiences we've had in the past with that, but I'll tell this It's nothing like the shit you listening to now, it's going to be some new shit, some mind tripping shit.

Your group has been close to signing record deals, why haven't they fallen through?

Reason being why is because many muthafuckas out there in this industry are too fucken GREEDY, they talk to much bullshit and when it comes down to it they try and hook you up with this shady document they call contracts. Them muthafuckas think that groups like us which there are many have no knowledge on this part of the industry, fuck them cause we all do now!

When should we be expecting the ILL-FAME album?

We're trying to get it done hopefully by early next year.

You've been in the rap game for nearly ten years. Have you seen more than your share of ups and downs?

I'll tell you this if you don't like graphic details on war and evil rituals don't get this shit. The beat alone are fucken raw with some hard hitting drums and dark classical shit know what I mean. Lyrically we put it down with a new twist that hits you in the face.

How would you describe the style of your music (lyrics and beats)?

Ups and downs, shit more like straight just falling down. Over the years we've found out this industry is just too SHADY, all this devils in suits that don't give a fuck about Latino groups, with their own rules on judging us fools, fuck them too.

What have you learned?


What's the difference from the beginning of your career to now?

We're more experience on everything that has to do with this business.

Has it gotten better or worse for Chicanos in the music industry?

I think it's just gotten better for Latinos in this Industry and in all others aspects and it's just going to get better. Ain't shit gonna stop us now, we're not the minority anymore, we're all over the UNITED STATES plus don't forget all Latino home lands, so we got plenty of shit to look forward to.

What's the next level in Latin Hip-Hop?

I think the next Level for Latino Hip Hop is to put it down with music to where it's no longer categorized as Latino but just MUSIC for everybody.

Interview by Sal Rojas
Artwork by Germ
Copyright Digital Aztlan 2001

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